15 thoughts on “Custom ROMs for X10i

  1. Hii Achotjan, the timescape facebook plugin isn’t working. I keep getting error message – “Cannot connect to faceook. Tap here to retry”. Please provide me a working solution for this please. And thanks a lot for this wonderful rom. love it. 🙂

  2. Hii Achotjan.

    Thank you soo much for this amazing rom. My x10i lives a legend.
    Anyways, I found two minor bugs. Maybe you could just look at it.

    1. The timescape facebook plugin doesn’t work anymore. It keeps giving an error – “Could not update from facebook. Tap here to retry”.
    2. The Play on Device option via DLNA in the music player gives an FC on com.sonyericsson.dlna. The music player stops responding. Its play-pause button stops responding until I reboot.

    Hope you can just have a look at these bugs and come up with a possible solution to fix it.

    Thanking you.
    Ralf Emerson

  3. Flash the “Achotjan_X10i_6.0.B.0.743_Generic_v2.0_Part_1 .zip “ package do not reboot
    Flash the “Achotjan_X10i_6.0.B.0.743_Generic_v2.0_Part_2 .zip “ Reboot

    how to flash this and where??

    • I Think you are new to flashing and install custom rom. If you are so, Please send me a email to shavindramms@gmail.com I will help you and send you everything you want. At the beginning I didn’t know anything. I searched lot. Finally I install custom rom successfully. So I like to share what I have found

  4. I take that (“Chihuahua”) back. This Rom is boring – like painting the outside of your house the same colour as before, but getting over that magnolia monotony by using a different paint-brush! Boohoo!

  5. I have installed it..WOW I can say..It is the best custom rom for x10.. Unlike other custom rom, every feature is working nicely. And I feel the display quality has been upgraded too. smoothness and speed is also increased. First time after I installed it I felt brand new and unable to think this is my xperia x10. Bravia engine and Xloud I love to see them on my x10. They work nicely but tiny problem with gallery It’s not still stable. I think it will be also fixed in no time. The music lag exist with stock rom is also fixed Sound quality is amazing really amazing. It is the thing I love in this rom most.

    • no because the installing scripts are written only for xrecovery try pressing back button while booting your phone and then inn the same way try vol-up and vol-down while booting i think there are both xrecovery and cwm installed try it and tell me which kernel are you using

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